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Un-Scripted Theater Company® Wiki

A place to store and share simple information about Un-Scripted.

Mailing address:

   Un-Scripted Theater Company®
   533 Sutter Street
   San Francisco, CA 94102

Venue address:

   Un-Scripted Theater Company®
   533 Sutter Street 
   Second Floor
   San Francisco, CA 94102

Public Information

Non-Public Information

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Organization committees, role definitions, new ensemble info, UnCLE, ensemble rental discount, doc management for CM
  • Creative ensemble play, director/cast liaison reminder, production debriefs, hat speech, audition process, audition feedback
  • Education class descriptions, communication copy
  • Administrative legal, insurance, house management, calendar deets, contact info, Google vmail
  • Venue landlord and neighbors, Emergency Response Plan
  • Marketing graphic dimensions
  • How to Instructions for "god" mic, video camera details
  • Festivals
  • Archival